Pr. Latifa Bergaoui

Latifa Bergaoui has obtained a PhD in Chemistry in 1994 from the University Pierre and Marie Curie (France). Thereafter, she did a one-year postdoctoral at the National Institute for Agricultural Research of Versailles, (France). In 1996, she was hired at the Tunisian University and joined the Chemistry of Materials and Catalysis Laboratory. Since 2011 she is a Professor at INSAT-Carthage University (Tunisia).

In 2019, Prof. Bergaoui co-founded the laboratory EcoChimie at INSAT. She is an associate Editor of the « Chemistry Africa » which is a Springer Journal. Her research activity deals mainly with the elaboration or modification of metal oxides and cellulose fibers to enhance their properties in adsorption and catalysis. She co-authored more than 40 publications (h-index 17) and supervised 8 PhDs.