Dr. Ing Sonia Dridi-Dhaouadi

Dr Ing Sonia DRIDI-DHAOUADI obtained, in 1997, her doctorate in process engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine (France). She is currently a lecturer at the Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of Monastir and researcher in the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Clean Processes – LCE2P (Faculty of Sciences of Monastir).

The main research themes of Dr Ing Sonia DRIDI-DHAOUADI are:

1.the valorization of solid waste (preparation of activated carbon) and wastewater (textile dyeing)

2. the transport of pollutants through soils

3. life cycle analysis.

Dr Ing Sonia DRIDI-DHAOUADI will present the latest LCE2P laboratory work on the extraction of natural dyes and textile dyeing in a supercritical medium